Special Art & Mobility event at T2M conference 21 Sept 2022

Special Art & Mobility event at T2M 20th annual conference


21 Sept 2022


Increasingly, transport and mobility studies have been experimenting with the potential of art and creative methodologies in the study, imagination and expression of mobility issues.

The Art & Mobility event explores the growing exchange between transport and mobility research and art-based practices and methods, promoting a conversation between art practitioners, curators and mobility scholars. The event is inspired by key questions that sketch both the state of the art of this art-mobility dialogues, starting from empirical examples presented by invited artists and curators, and an initial future agenda.


What are the potentialities, limits and ethics of art-mobilities research? What is the relationship between public art and public transport? And how do public administrations sustain or not this exchange? What is the social impact of art-mobilities collaborations? What are the examples of transport and art collaborations that we should take in mind? How can we imagine our universities as entities that activate various kinds of mobilities? Which is the role of creative visuals and infographics in communicating the mobilities of our univer-cities to wider publics? How can artists and researchers collaborate around mobility topics and what is the role of artist-researchers in mediating this conversation?


This event will host the screening of an original video work with the presence of the artist, the official opening of the exhibitions Rabbits & Rails and Padua UniverCity with the curators, and guided tours of the Museum of Geography.


Opening address

Andrea Caracausi, Director of the MoHu Centre and Vice-Director of the DiSSGeA Department

Giada Peterle, Director of the Museum of Geography and co-curator of the Creative Commissions 2019



Aleksandra Ianchenko, artist and curator of the Mobile Exhibition Rabbits & Rails

Mauro Varotto, cultural geographers at the MoHu Centre and co-curator (with Tania Rossetto) of the exhibition Padova UniverCity

Paula Kaniewska, artist presenting the video work Incoming Call from Abstract Sculpture

Padua UniverCity exhibition 21 Sept - 23 Oct 2022

Padua UniverCity exhibition

21 Sept - 23 Oct 2022

21 September – 23 October, Sala della Musica,  Museum of Geography


Over its eight centuries of history, the University of Padua has shaped and enriched the urban fabric of the city. It has caused people to move by fostering regional, national and European mobility, built up collaboration networks, and stimulated exchanges of ideas at a global level. Through cartographic visuals and infographics, the Padua UniverCity. Geographies of a moving University exhibition invites you to discover the living and pulsating dimension of the University of Padua, its mighty growth and the spatial articulation of a university-city-world.


Over time, Padua has become a university city due to the desire of the University to permeate the urban space, which welcomed it from the very start. Through the exhibition and the related interactive Padua UniverCity web portal it is now possible to reconstruct the history and explore the geography of the physical expansion of the University into and beyond the city of Padua. The University is also made up of the mobile geographies of those who attend and have attended it over the centuries. The exhibition and the portal show the evolutionary trends in the number and provenance of students, technical-administrative staff and university teachers, based on available data from past centuries and with greater precision over the last thirty years. Since its origins, the University of Padua has been a meeting point for people of different backgrounds and cultures. In particular, the last century of its history reflects the cultural growth in society: until the early 20th century, attending university was a privilege reserved to just over 1,500 students. In the 2021-2022 academic year, the University had 69,240 enrollments, the highest peak in its eight centuries of history. The geography of the University of Padua is also made up of networks, relationships and exchanges, which now embrace the entire planet. Padua UniverCity shows also the international dimension of our university, the flows of students entering and leaving Padua with the Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus programs, the foreign universities with which the University of Padua has activated agreements and collaborations in the last fifty years, the invisible but growing network of web and social interactions.

Rabbits & Rails exhibition 21 Sept- 23 Oct 2022 with PUTSPACE

21 September – 23 October, Sala degli Specchi, Museum of Geography

in collaboration with the project PUTSPACE


How often do you take a bus or a tram or use some form of public transport? Have you ever thought about why it is called public transport? And what makes it public? Is public transport a public space and how is it different from other places in the city which we use collectively?

Similar questions have been asked in the project Public Transport as Public Space in European Cities: Narrating, Experiencing, Contesting (PUTSPACE). The three-year project (2019-2022) has brought together academics and artists and this exhibition, curated by Aleksandra Ianchenko, is one outcome of their collaboration. The exhibition has two sections. The first, “Rabbits”, asks how different publics (users and providers, passengers and staff) interact with each other on public transport. The second, “Rails”, using the example of trams, asks what role public transport plays in peoples’ lives and in cities.

The exhibition comes in the shape of a vehicle, allowing you to make an imaginary journey, exploring stories from different European cities as well as in an online version in seven languages. Earlier exhibited at Les Halles Saint-Géry in Brussels (Belgium) and at the Estonian Road Museum in Varbuse (Estonia), on occasion of the T2M Conference, Rabbits & Rails will be hosted at the Museum of Geography from 21 September to 23 October.

Have a good journey!

Rabbits&Rails is the Mobile Exhibition of the Project Public Transport as Public Space in European Cities: Narrating, Experiencing, Contesting (PUTSPACE), which is financially supported by the HERA Joint Research Programme (www.heranet.info) which is co-funded by AKA, BMBF via DLRPT, ETAg, and the European Commission through Horizon 2020.