Special Art & Mobility event at T2M 20th annual conference


21 Sept 2022


Increasingly, transport and mobility studies have been experimenting with the potential of art and creative methodologies in the study, imagination and expression of mobility issues.

The Art & Mobility event explores the growing exchange between transport and mobility research and art-based practices and methods, promoting a conversation between art practitioners, curators and mobility scholars. The event is inspired by key questions that sketch both the state of the art of this art-mobility dialogues, starting from empirical examples presented by invited artists and curators, and an initial future agenda.


What are the potentialities, limits and ethics of art-mobilities research? What is the relationship between public art and public transport? And how do public administrations sustain or not this exchange? What is the social impact of art-mobilities collaborations? What are the examples of transport and art collaborations that we should take in mind? How can we imagine our universities as entities that activate various kinds of mobilities? Which is the role of creative visuals and infographics in communicating the mobilities of our univer-cities to wider publics? How can artists and researchers collaborate around mobility topics and what is the role of artist-researchers in mediating this conversation?


This event will host the screening of an original video work with the presence of the artist, the official opening of the exhibitions Rabbits & Rails and Padua UniverCity with the curators, and guided tours of the Museum of Geography.


Opening address

Andrea Caracausi, Director of the MoHu Centre and Vice-Director of the DiSSGeA Department

Giada Peterle, Director of the Museum of Geography and co-curator of the Creative Commissions 2019



Aleksandra Ianchenko, artist and curator of the Mobile Exhibition Rabbits & Rails

Mauro Varotto, cultural geographers at the MoHu Centre and co-curator (with Tania Rossetto) of the exhibition Padova UniverCity

Paula Kaniewska, artist presenting the video work Incoming Call from Abstract Sculpture