Ciclo di seminari | Ius Commune at Borders: Borders of Ius Commune

Ius Commune at Borders: Borders of Ius Commune

I seminari avranno luogo sulla piattaforma zoom dal 4 Marzo al 27 Maggio 2021.
Ogni seminario inizia alle 15.00 (ora italiana)
Ogni seminario richiede la registrazione per l’accesso.
Il sistema chiede di inserire i seguenti dati: nome, cognome, indirizzo mail.
Completata la registrazione, si riceverà una mail di conferma.

The seminars will take place on zoom platform from 4th March to 27th May 2021.
Each seminar starts at 15.00 Italian time.
Registration is mandatory for each seminar.
The system will ask the following data: name, surname and email address.
Once the registration is complete, the person will receive a confirmation via email.

Registration links:

Colonial and postcolonial citizenship

The seminar will be delivered online. 

Join us via Zoom at:

Local literature studies and historical Gis projects at Sysu

Register in advance for this meeting at

Piazza, streets and lodging houses as communication spaces in early modern Italy

The seminar will be delivered online

Meeting ID: 987 6861 9108

Passcode: 718870