HuMaps: Framing Migration Narratives and Visualities through the Lens of the Cartographic Humanities

Postdoctoral project supervised by Tania Rossetto (Aug 2021-Jul 2023)

Project in collaboration with the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and the Centre for the Movement of People, Aberystwyth University (Prof Peter Merriman, Dr Andrea Hammel), and the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS) and the Geomedia laboratory at Concordia University (Prof Sébastien Caquard)

Laura Lo Presti

HuMaps explores the link between the emerging “cartographic humanities” and mobility and migration studies from a geo-visual and narratological perspective. The two-year research project has the dual objective of analytically deconstructing the imaginaries of migratory maps as well as reconstructing alternative, creative and sensitive imaginations of human mobility. These two research lines thus envisage an analysis of the cartographic narratives of the global migrant crisis to assess how maps, map-like objects and cartographic imaginaries have reproduced human migration over time – and migrated through several networks, artistic media and hybrid materials – to alternately foster feelings of hospitality and hostility towards newcomers. More importantly, HuMaps will reflect on novel applications of digital (and non-digital) mapping methodologies in the context of migration storytelling. These methodologies will be developed in collaboration with the MobiLab, as well as with the support of international scholars and partner institutions in Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.