Sites and intersections of labor im/mobility24-25 June 2021Research meeting at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Claudia Bernardi, Giulia Bonazza

Scientific Committee
Claudia Bernardi, Marco Bertilorenzi, Giulia Bonazza, Andrea Caracausi, Christian G. De Vito, Nicola Pizzolato, Amal Shahid, Biljana Stojic, Müge Telci Özbek, Vilhelm Vilhelmsson

Virtual meeting organized by SISLav research group “Free and unfree labor”; Worlds of related coercions-WORCK working groups “Im/mobilizations of workforce” and “Sites and fields of coercion”; MOHU-Mobility&Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies at University of Padua

Hosted by the Department of Linguistic and Comparative Cultural Studies – Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 

The research meeting Sites and intersections of labor im/mobility is jointly organized by members of SISLav – Italian Society of Labor History, the COST Action project WORCK – Worlds of related coercions in work and MOHU – Mobility&Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies at the University of Padua. It will bring together the researchers who animate WORCK working groups “(Im)mobilization of the workforce” and “Sites and fields of coercion” with SISLav working group “Free and unfree labor”. The meeting is also aimed at expanding the participation to our network, so that in addition to presenting research papers, time will be allocated to roundtables for discussing further common projects and future activities.