DiSSGeA Visiting Professor “Mobility and the Humanities”2020 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

From 13.12.2019 to 15.01.2020

In the framework of the Department of Excellence Project “Mobility and the Humanities”, financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Department DiSSGeA has launched the Visiting Professor “Mobility and the Humanities” 2020 Call for Applications. The initiative provides the assignment of positions as Visiting Professor to professors and researchers from international universities or research centres.

The present call is addressed to professors and researchers with proven teaching experience, who are permanent faculty members in European and non-European universities and research centres. Applicants must spend a period of a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 months at the Department, in order to lecture official courses at the Master level (second cycle degree) with a topic on “Mobility and the Humanities.”
The duration of the courses varies from 21 to 42 hours and their programmes shall focus—from a historical, geographical or philological perspective—on themes such as migration, global market, changes in urban realities and information management (including digital ones), as well as the mobility of ideas, people, objects, texts or methods and theories to analyse such phenomena.
In particular, we welcome proposals for the following courses: Transport History, History of Tourism, Big Data and Social Network Analysis, Texts on the Move, Digital Philology.
The selected Visiting Professors shall also contribute to the implementation of the “Mobilab” digital laboratory for the study of mobility and to the activities of the Centre for Advanced Studies on “Mobility and the Humanities” and their respective research groups.

Deadline for submission: January 15th 2020, 1.00pm CEST (Central  European Summer Time) by using the (online) Application form.