SILKRAA - The Silk Road across the Alps. Craftsmen Migrations, Commercial Exchanges & Social Relations Between France & Italy in the Early Modern Period

Marie Skłodowska Curie Postdoctoral Global Individual Fellowship(Sept 2023-Feb 2027)

The SILKRAA project aims to reconstruct the dynamics of silk weavers’ migration between Italy and France during the early modern age. To achieve this, an interdisciplinary approach will be employed, combining socioeconomic history, migration studies, labor and gender studies, as well as the history of techniques and material culture.
Through the integration of macro-historical, micro-historical, and biographical reconstruction, SILKRAA aims to contribute to the revitalization of studies on migratory phenomena in the Early Modern period. Leveraging digital humanities, a comprehensive database will be created, gathering demographic data, biographical information, and visual/material evidence from Italian and French archives and museums.

Essential to the realization of the SILKRAA project is the training in Italian and international historical research methods at the Department of Historical, Geographical, and Ancient World Sciences (DiSSGeA) under the expert guidance of Prof. Andrea Caracausi. This training is complemented by collaborative efforts with Yale University (Prof. Paola Bertucci), the University Lumière Lyon2 (Prof. Manuela Martini), and the Como Silk Museum. Working closely with historians and experts, this collaboration is crucial for achieving the project’s objectives. The obtained results will not only significantly impact academic outcomes but also contribute to a more profound societal understanding.


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Postdoctoral researcher:

Mario Grassi