The 2023 Space, Place and Mobility Student Video Contest, April 14, h. 16,30, c/o Multisala PioX, Padova

Since 2020/2021, the students of the human geographic course unit “Space, Place and Mobility” taught at the University of Padua by Prof. Chiara Rabbiosi, have been experimenting with film-making. Every year a final screening session is held during which the short films made by students from the Master’s degrees in Local development and Mobility Studies are awarded by a scientific jury and the audience jury, that is composed of the event attendees.

This year, on April 14, by watching 20 of such wonderful student short films, we also celebrated a great GeoNight in collaboration with the Mobility Expo project. The videos touched upon migration, tourist mobilities, transport infrastructures, commodities circulation and many more mobilities related topics.

The scientific jury included Prof. Anna Giraldo (Local Development, Univ. of Padua), Prof. Andrea Caracausi (Mobility Studies, Univ. of Padua), and Prof. Vickie Zhang, from the University of Singapore.

The winner of the Space, Place & Mobility video contest awarded by the scientific jury is:

  • Tangerine by Elios Favaretto and Melisa Onaral – WINNER, for their incredibly poetic film and powerful message of identity and immobility

The three runners up are:

  • Resignationby May Layugan, for its cinematic and creative representation of the stresses and refusals of commuting
  • Them by Maria D’Incà,for its humanising reframing of a highly politicised story through the voices of irregular migrants themselves
  • What’s for dinner?by Kristin Niehus, for its simple, dramatic and effective message of wasted food miles.

Moreover,  during the public screening event, the audience awarded the following short film:

  • Belarus 2020by Yuliya Beltsiuhova – WINNER

The three runners up are:

  • Being a delivery worker means by AnastasiiaPetukhova
  • What’s for dinner? by Kristin Niehus
  • Yoga nomadsby Simona Condello

Congratulations to all the participants!

Watch the announcement of the Winners by Prof. Vickie Zhang