Geographies and Histories of the Appennini: Taking Care of the Present to Move Towards the Future - 5 May 2022

On May 5th the Museum of Geography hosted an event titled “Geografie e storie degli Appennini. Prendersi cura del presente per muoversi verso il futuro” [Geographies and Histories of the Appennini: Taking Care of the Present to Move Towards the Future] organised in collaboration with the Touring Club Italiano. During the encounter we presented the latest volume edited by the TCI titled Appennini, with the President Franco Iseppi and the journalist Tino Mantarro. This was also the start of a prolific collaboration between the DiSSGeA, the Museum and the TCI around key topics, like tourism, environment and sustainability.
The event has read one of the “internal areas” of our country, the Appennini, from the interdisciplinary geo-historical perspective, aiming to overcome the stereotyped representation of these areas as marginalised and peripheral. What emerged from the discussion with Prof. Varotto was a more promising vision of an area that represents a laboratory for experimenting new models of development and sustainability. The event was followed by a guided tour of the Museum for the members of the TCI.
Since more than 120 years the TCI has been a point of reference not just for the tourism in our country, but also for the history of mobilities and environmental protection in Italy: with its journals, guides, maps and publications the TCI helps us reading mobilities from a “slow” perspective, inviting us to take care of our country and its heritage as a common good.

[map/cover image from: Appennini, 2022, Touring Club Italiano]