MoHu Book  | 2023 Routledge edited collection Reimagining Mobilities across the Humanities

The scientific objective of Reimagining Mobilities across the Humanities is to significantly advance the study of mobilities, understood as the movement of ideas, objects, people and texts in past and present societies as well as in different geographical contexts. Taking advantage of a rich and unique mix of disciplines (anthropology, geography, history and philology), with a distinctive reference to the connections between past and present times (from antiquity to contemporaneity), this book in two volumes aims to contribute to the emerging area of mobility studies through the humanities, which is increasingly pursued by other research hubs worldwide. The volumes are edited by 3 and written by 49 members of the Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility and the Humanities. The structure of the books mirrors the thematic research clusters of the Centre: Theories and Methods, Ideas (vol. 1); Objects, People and Texts (vol. 2). All of the twenty seven chapters of the two books seek a dialogue with renowned international scholars in the field of mobility studies, who have closely interacted with authors and editors and critically discussed the research outcomes of the book by writing an afterword for each section. The publication in the framework of the Routledge series “Changing Mobilities” will allow the book to become an international benchmark in the field of mobility studies.


Edited by:

Lucio Biasiori

Federico Mazzini

Chiara Rabbiosi