Moving Knowledge | Mobility Expo - Third mission project 2021-2022

Moving Knowledge/Mobility Expo is a Third Mission project coordinated by the Museum of Geography and sustained by an interdisciplinary board of members of the MoHuCentre. The project’s main goal is to circulate among a wider both academics and non-specialistic audience the reflections emerged through the interdisciplinary researches on mobility issues conducted at the DiSSGeA, within the Project of Excellence Mobility & Humanities and other projects, like Bo2022 and Padova Mobile UniverCity. Starting from the topicality of mobility issues in contemporary research and society, the project presents the Museum of Geography as a cultural hub and place of encounter between the University and the City, and promotes the dissemination of academic research through a strong dialogue between art and science, organising exhibitions, workshops, and events both online and in person.


Members: Giada Peterle (Scientific Coordinator), Elena Canadelli, Giovanni Donadelli, Francesco Ferrarese, Chiara Gallanti, Francesco Lubian, Federico Mazzini, Marco Orlandi, Chiara Rabbiosi, Tania Rossetto, Mauro Varotto