“And yet it moves!”: video on moving objects of the Museum of Geography

On the occasion of the 33rd Italian Geographical Congress Geografie in movimento I Moving Geographies (Padua, 8-13 September 2021), Giovanni Donadelli and Chiara Gallanti from the Museum of Geography of the University of Padua presented a video contribution to the session “Objects, wares, goods: the material trace of movement in space”.

The video Eppur si muove! Esplorazioni sulla mobilità quale chiave di accesso al patrimonio geografico I And yet it moves! Explorations on mobility as access key to geographical heritage, reflects on the possible interaction between the mobility paradigm and the cultural heritage of the Museum of Geography. The probe item chosen to detect possible research paths is a terrain model of the Euganean Hills, the first relief model to enter the collection in 1907.

The encouraging survey revealed potentiality in a wide range of directions, from the circulation of the information concerning the existence of the object, to the spatial itineraries traced by its material components, from the physical transfers it experienced during its academic life, to its semantic mobility, from the mobile practices it facilitated both in research and teaching, to the complex trajectories of its digital alter ego on the internet.