Mobility and movements of escaping sullan proscripts

PhD project supervised by Luca Fezzi e Federico Santangelo (2020-2024)

Andrea Frizzera

At the beginning of a century in which Rome is almost fully aware of its mediterranean dimension, we can observe the exploitation of the possibilities of movement that the Mare nostrum’s new political configuration can offer. This concerns the commerce, the cultural exchanges, the migrations, but also political refugees. This project wants to conduct an investigation on this last category. So, starting from the existent prosopographic studies, it will be necessary to revisit the ancient sources (literary, epigraphic, numismatic) and the modern studies on sullan proscripts, in order to travel beside them the ways that bring them to find rescue in different places in the Mediterranean sea. This will lead us not only to draw a map (thanks also to digital tools and methods) of proscripts’ movements, but also to understand which choices (political, moral, economic choices), feature their lives in the new contexts in which they finally settle. So, we will be able to appreciate how the proscripts’ mobility resulted very conditioned and it had peculiar features compared to the other displacement typologies. We also hope that such a kind of research could contribute, in a different perspective, to enrich the debate on the political significance of the sullan proscriptions and on the consequences they caused in the Roman world. Finally, we do not exclude the possibility that, by adopting such a kind of approach, the research focus could expand to 43 BC proscriptions.