Mobility & Humanities: A Taster - interview series

One initiative proposed by MobiLab is ‘Mobility & Humanities: A Taster’, an Interview Series that includes interviews given by some of the speakers we hosted during the Seminar Series, Conferences and other events organized by our Mobility & Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies. Since the MoHu Centre views itself as a place where intellectual exchange and hospitality play a crucial part in the development of brand-new research, these interviews give a sense of the fruitful dialogues we are having in the context of an emerging Mobility & Humanities global arena. The speakers are not only key figures in the mobility debate, but also scholars offering a variety of research angles from which to look at the mobility & humanities nexus in fresh and unprecedented ways. We thank the Scuola di Scienze Umane, Sociali e del Patrimonio culturale – Università di Padova for its support in making the video.

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