«LiVE».  Libri Veneti in Europe: Mapping the loans of Greek books of the Library of St Mark, from Venice to Europe

Postdoctoral project supervised by Margherita Losacco (Jan 2020-Dec 2021)

Ottavia Mazzon

The project «LiVE» studies the paradigms of mobility through two different but closely connected perspectives: mobility of physical objects (namely books) and mobility of texts. The aim is to map the impact that the Library of St Mark’s collection of Greek codices had on other European book collections in the 16th century, a crucial time for the affirmation of ancient Greek as part of the European élites’ cultural heritage and the formation of many Renaissance collections of Greek books. «LiVE» will provide the first critical edition and English translation of the earliest loan registers of the Library of St Mark, recording the book loans that took place between 1545 to 1559. Starting from the identification of the manuscripts that were effectively borrowed, the research will focus on tracing the copies that were produced, following the library loans with the objective of reconstructing their history, from the circumstances of their production to their present conservation site.