DiSSGeA is designing advanced teaching programmes to support students’ learning and cultural growth as well as PhD candidates and post-docs advanced training in topics related to mobility and the humanities. Intellectual and digital skills will foster the development of new professionals able to deal with some of the most pressing issues in the contemporary world. An interdisciplinary education at an international level, enriched also by inter-sectoral experiences, is nowadays fundamental to facing the current difficulties that young humanists face when approaching the labour market.

In that regard, the following initiatives are already being implemented:

  • a new curriculum in Mobility Studies (Second Cycle Degree program in Historical Sciences)
  • a dedicated Visiting Professorship programme
  • PhD scholarships and post-doc research grants to carry out original research in the areas of mobility and the humanities
  • scholarships and study prizes for students enrolled in the DiSSGeA Master degrees
  • supplementary funding for Erasmus+ outgoing mobility
  • new courses developed within the DiSSGeA Master degrees